Introduction Raspberry PI is a credit card size single board PC which can be operated linux based operating system. Its developed in UK by Raspberry PI foundation company.Its a mini computer which brings a new innovation in IT market. This PC is developed in order to implement demo projects,create POC and to learn basics of […]

When I am talking about C I recollect my engineering days when used to write some crispy C programs. C is the father of all programming language without C nothing is there. Agreed? How many of us still remember the C programming language? The benefits of C langauge? How many of us know Scanf and […]

Many people think a lot of hell number of things when any interviewer asks the question what are the different objects of sql server Database. Well the answer is very simple no need to think about more on this. All the concepts that are there in the database is act like database objects and following […]

Window azure is a cloud platform which provide platform as a service. It provides you an environment where you can develop and deploy your applications and projects. It provides you an operating system services and other computing services as well along with storage service. Window azure is owned by Microsoft. It will run on Microsoft […]

I am wroking on Telerik controls from 1.6 yrs in my company so would like to say something on it. Telerik controls are third party vendor controls which are designed and created by Telerik organization. These controls are mainly designed on behalf of controls though we have a lot of controls in but […]

These are the some basic sql queries which helps during the development process. In order to get top 10 procedures names which are modified recently you can use SELECT top(10)OBJECT_NAME(object_id) as name,modify_date,type_desc,create_date FROM sys.objects WHERE type = ‘P’ ¬†Gives you last 10 modified procedure names SELECT top(10)OBJECT_NAME(object_id) as name,modify_date,type_desc,create_date FROM sys.objects WHERE type = ‘U’ […]

Introduction Reflection is used to get the information regarding assemblies,type of object,modules and classes at runtime. you can also create instances of type and assemblies at runtime,invoke methods of objects,get names of assemblies dynamically. it’s similar to Runtime type information in c++. System.Reflection namespace used for reflection which contains all required classes and interfaces for […]