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Getting all the table names from Database

I was creating some POC on migrating the data from Sql Server to MongoDB that time i faced this problem how to get all table names from a particular database in sql server 2008 and i came up with this query SELECT TABLE_NAME FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TABLES WHERE TABLE_TYPE = ‘BASE TABLE’ After executing this query you […]

How to increase the performance of Stored Procedure

To increase the performance of stored procedure we need follow certain steps Ref: 1. Include SET NOCOUNT ON statement CREATE PROC dbo.ProcName AS SET NOCOUNT ON; –Procedure code here SELECT column1 FROM dbo.TblTable1 — Reset SET NOCOUNT to OFF SET NOCOUNT OFF; GO 2. Use schema name with object name SELECT * FROM dbo.MyTable — […]


Currently in IT market the trends is migrating from Sql to No sql databases.Already we have plenty of Nosql open source databases in market but recently many developers,DBA are showing more interest towards MongoDB.That the reason i came up with this blog to share some of research knowledge on MongoDB. Introduction MongoDB is a Open […]