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Ebola Virus

Here I have written a brief theory about Ebola which scared to entire world. check it out what is it and how it spreading across. What it is? Ebola virus (EBOV or Zaire Ebola virus) is one of five known viruses within the genus Ebola virus. Out of five Ebola viruses, four including EBOV, cause […]


Programming world is shifting towards client side programming from server side. The emphasis is more on client side computing now a day because it makes web pages faster to load as we can avoid server side computation. By this we can also avoid server overhead and make pages more responsive to user. And to achieve […]

Page Methods in ASP.NET

We cannot call the server side code directly into client side. The server side code will execute at server and client code at client. However by using some .Net techniques we can call server side code from JavaScript by using AJAX methods or ASP.NET AJAX Extensions. There are two ways to achieve this work one […]

Important Date Function In Sql Server 2008

Here are the some of important date function which i have worked out last week in order to write some Sp’s for my project. Start and End of Today SELECT DATEADD(DD,DATEDIFF(DD,0, GETDATE()),0) as [Start Of Day] DATEADD(s,-1,DATEADD(dd, DATEDIFF(dd,0,GETDATE())+1,0)) as [End Of Day] Start and End of Week SELECT DATEADD(WK, DATEDIFF(WK,0,GETDATE()),0) as [Start Of Week] DATEADD(s,-1,DATEADD(WK, […]

Import the data from Excel to Database in sql server 2008

Simple ways to import data from excel to database using import and export wizard of sql server. Step 1: Right Click on the respective database onto which you want to import the data from excel. In our case the name of the database is Demo. Step 2: Click on the Import Data option and you’ll […]

Generating Scripts in Sql Server 2008 R2

In this article i would like to share how to generate script file in sql server 2008 r2. Hope it will help mostly to freshers. In order to see the full and clear image click on the respected images. Step 1: Right click on the database from which you want to generate the script. You’ll […]

Difference between stored procedure and function

I find some of the difference between SP and function in sql server 1) Procedure can return zero or n values whereas function can return one value which is mandatory. 2) Procedures can have input, output parameters for it whereas functions can have only input parameters. 3) Procedure allows select as well as DML statement […]

Raspberry PI – A Mini Computer

Introduction Raspberry PI is a credit card size single board PC which can be operated linux based operating system. Its developed in UK by Raspberry PI foundation company.Its a mini computer which brings a new innovation in IT market. This PC is developed in order to implement demo projects,create POC and to learn basics of […]

C – The Father of all Programming Languages

When I am talking about C I recollect my engineering days when used to write some crispy C programs. C is the father of all programming language without C nothing is there. Agreed? How many of us still remember the C programming language? The benefits of C langauge? How many of us know Scanf and […]

Sql Server Database Objects

Many people think a lot of hell number of things when any interviewer asks the question what are the different objects of sql server Database. Well the answer is very simple no need to think about more on this. All the concepts that are there in the database is act like database objects and following […]