Programming world is shifting towards client side programming from server side. The emphasis is more on client side computing now a day because it makes web pages faster to load as we can avoid server side computation. By this we can also avoid server overhead and make pages more responsive to user.

And to achieve such a goal different vendor have launched different sort of Java script frameworks now a days mostly which are open-source such as Angular.js, Backbone. js , Ext . js, etc. for more info visit:

Amongst all of them I am going to explain Angular.js in brief which I am currently using in my project.
Angular.js is open-source java script framework which provide MVC pattern to client side programming invented by Google. HTML good for static pages but Angular will provide dynamic programming to pages. It separates the DOM implementation code from actual view and includes it in directives and also presents business data into views. Angular works well with Jquery and supported by all browsers and its weight just 60kb once the page get loads. It also helps to test JS code easily. We can write less code and have more fun with designing and have different sort of look and feel.

Alike server side MVC, Angular MVC patterns works similarly. Views is used to represent data to user on user interface, model is to communicate with back-end where as controller is to manipulate data between view and model. Rest web API are best to use with Angular as service to populate data from back-end. Angular tags are embedded with HTML and are prefixed with “ng” which allows you to build more powerful web application very easily.

We have plenty of JS MVC frameworks in market still some are coming new but working with Angular is really a good experience and have lot of fun while programming. Love to program with it. For more info and free sampled program visit to official site:

Thank you!

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