Import the data from Excel to Database in sql server 2008

Simple ways to import data from excel to database using import and export wizard of sql server.

Step 1: Right Click on the respective database onto which you want to import the data from excel. In our case the name of the database is Demo.


Step 2: Click on the Import Data option and you’ll find below screen. Click on Next button.


Step 3: In this step you will find data source dropdown at top. From there we need to select the data source name from where we are pushing the data to database table. In our case it’s excel sheet so select Microsoft Excel as data source name.

Then give the path of excel which is located at your system. The check box below with labeled fist rows has column names will be checked by default. But in case your excel sheet does not contains any column name then uncheck that check box.


Step 4: In this step you always need to select destination server and specify the server name with authentication mode either as windows or sql server as shown below. Then at last select database name under which you want to move the data.


Step 5: This is very important step. Here if you want to copy entire excel data without any filtration then just check first radio button else select second option. When you will select second option you need to write sql queries in order to get the data.


Step 6: Once you done with above step click on next button then you will find below screen. Here you need to select the table names or sheet name which you want to copy from source to destination. On destination side you need to select the table name where you want to move the data from source.

At below you can find two buttons Edit mappings and Preview. Preview will give the table preview whereas an Edit mapping gives you mapping details of columns.

Then click on next button and that’s it you have done with data import.


Thank you!

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