Raspberry PI – A Mini Computer


Raspberry PI is a credit card size single board PC which can be operated linux based operating system. Its developed in UK by Raspberry PI foundation company.Its a mini computer which brings a new innovation in IT market.

This PC is developed in order to implement demo projects,create POC and to learn basics of computer science in schools.It will completely support open source programming and tools. It has SD card slot where you can connect your SD card which usually used in digital cameras and install operating system on it. As soon as your pc start it will boot OS from it. We can use any size of SD card but minimum recommended size is 4GB. As the cost of SD cards are less we can also use 8 or 16GB cards.

Raspberry PI has other connector also like you can connect USB keyboards and mouse,Speakers,Monitors etc.Any one can get it and can start implementing or developing electronics or software projects of their own interest. Linux operating system will best suits for it as its open source OS and we have lot of free software for it. We can program with linux and can also share our code with others. we can also add external hard disk to it when we need more storage. As SD cards are faster to access its good to use that.

Rapsberry PI has two version : Model A and Model B.
Model A has one USB connector where as Model B has two. The memory size of Model A is 256MB where as for Model B is 512MB. The cost of Model A is $25 and B is $35. As the cost is less people can freely perform any kind of experiment on it without more bothering about the damage of product and all. If something went wrong also people will not express more grief on it.


We can use Raspberry PI as like other computers. We can use it for Internet,listening music and watching movies,playing PC games,for creating animation projects and other sort of personal work. As the size is small it can be used it like mobile as well easily carry from one place to other.

Raspberry PI is less weight,smaller size,low cost and high performance device. Now a days in IT market people start implementing raspberry PI device in humanoids robots as well they are doing lot of experiment with raspberry pi in flied of robotics.

Finally its an ultimate,inspiration computer for those who wants to do experiments on new projects,wants to create something innovative and wants to explore more with programming.

Thank You!

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  1. prasad · · Reply

    nice article.good explorer

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