C – The Father of all Programming Languages

When I am talking about C I recollect my engineering days when used to write some crispy C programs. C is the father of all programming language without C nothing is there. Agreed?

How many of us still remember the C programming language? The benefits of C langauge? How many of us know Scanf and Printf
Today may be we have hell number of programming languages in our IT market, we may surrounds with lot technologies and all but we must not forget the C. Today we may have colour LCD TV’s in our home but we should not forget about Black and white TV, We may have home theatre but should not forget about radio, May have smart phones but not forget to Nokia 1100 In the same way we may have java, C sharp but should not forget to C. Every programmer when he/she starts their career as IT professional wants to learn C first.

C is a programming language developed at AT & T’s Bell Laboratories of USA in 1972. It was designed and written by a man named Dennis Ritchie. He has given really one of the greatest thing to this world. He died on the same day on which Steve jobs died but most of the people don’t know this.

I believe that without knowing C one should not learn Java, C# or other languages because all basic fundamental concepts comes under C only including Data types, Keywords, Variable, Files, Array, Structure etc.

Major parts of popular operating systems like Windows, UNIX, Linux is still written in C. This is because even today when it comes to performance (speed of execution) nothing beats C. Moreover, if one is to extend the operating system to work with new devices one needs to write device driver programs. These programs are exclusively written in C.

Mobile devices like cellular phones and palmtops are becoming increasingly popular. Also, common consumer devices like microwave oven, washing machines and digital cameras are getting smarter by the day. This smartness comes from a microprocessor, an operating system and a program embedded in this devices. These programs not only have to run fast but also have to work in limited amount of memory. No wonder that such programs are written in C.

The above two points are taken from Let us C book Written by another master of C named Yashwanth Kanetkar. There lot of 3D computer games we have which also written in C. Even we can achieve all those functionality using C what we are accomplishing today using other higher language.

Even we can code to Microprocessor, Microcontroller using C which we can’t code using other higher languages. Apart from this we have a lot of benefits from C. It is the first language which changes the culture of entire IT programming world.

I believe C is one of the greatest programming languages from all time. Till today also no can bits C as per as speed and performance is concern. C is the devine

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  1. prasad · · Reply

    after reading this post ,our kamthane sir came into picture .one should also remember his/her first lecturer .

    1. i am too missing him a lot

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