Monthly Archives: May 2013

C – The Father of all Programming Languages

When I am talking about C I recollect my engineering days when used to write some crispy C programs. C is the father of all programming language without C nothing is there. Agreed? How many of us still remember the C programming language? The benefits of C langauge? How many of us know Scanf and […]

Sql Server Database Objects

Many people think a lot of hell number of things when any interviewer asks the question what are the different objects of sql server Database. Well the answer is very simple no need to think about more on this. All the concepts that are there in the database is act like database objects and following […]

Window Azure

Window azure is a cloud platform which provide platform as a service. It provides you an environment where you can develop and deploy your applications and projects. It provides you an operating system services and other computing services as well along with storage service. Window azure is owned by Microsoft. It will run on Microsoft […]