What To Adopt — Veg or Non-Veg

Now a days I am finding some common debut is going on amongst the people that what should we adopt too either veg or non-veg. Many people are now and then migrating themselves from non-vegetarian to vegetarian I don’t know what making them to do like this but they are doing.

I observed people those who are adopting the meditation they are more prone towards this change I don’t know whether there is any rule behind this that if you want to do meditation means you need scarifies these things or what ?.

So when I inquired with these kinds of people that why you guys are migrating from non-veg to veg, what is the reason behind it then the main reason what I found is Health issues.

Actually last 2 months ago I too stop eating non-veg due to some health issue but again I realized chodo yaar we have only one life, in this life itself if we will not enjoy then when will we enjoy. We should not scarifies our happiness and desire for sake of anybody in life and again I start eating non- veg.

Health problem is the main reason what making people to forcefully migrate from non-vegetarian to vegetarian. Apart from this I got some other reasons which are mentioned below along with my questions.

Reasons to become vegetarian

  • Some people think that by eating veg our way of thinking will be good our heart will become pure and we too become polite in nature but I don’t think so, simply taking some veg or non-veg you are way of thinking will not going to change. “Nothing is good and bad only our thinking makes it so”. And I came across some people those who are taking the veg diet purely but even they don’t have good attitude and heart,even they don’t know the meaning of love and relationship.
  • Some of may think that by taking veg diet some Energy going to create/generate in our body which makes us feel good maybe it’s true I think energy will going to reform but not create or generate because according to physics law “Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed.” No one can create the energy anyway but my question here is what we are going to do with that energy? What is use of that Energy? Does are you helping any sick or ill people using this energy or does it stopping you to become old? I don’t find any answer for these questions like this I have many questions in my mind but I don’t find any correct person till now who can answer to my questions.
  • Other’s used to say that it’s bad to kill animals and eat them. Yes it’s true I agree but we need to think practically and logically rather than sentimentally. In order to maintain ecological balance we need to do this otherwise our ecological balance will get disturb I guess you guys can remember the life cycle of men and animal what we have studied in our school days.

Some people I found those who used to eat non-veg for half of the part of their life and suddenly adopt to vegetarian diet due to some reasons; according to me these kinds of people are very silly people.According to my opinion eating veg or non-veg is not a concern or matter over here but we should eat only those things what our heart says, what we desire, what our internal conscience allow to and by which we will get satisfaction and happiness. We should not eat or adopt the things for some silly reasons. I think our diet basically depends upon our childhood habits, If our parents & our community allow non veg diet then we follow the same. Its individualism. We are all veg by nature

But when we grow & we decided to take herbivorous Or non veg only its depend upon our attitude. But as per my suggestion “All the peoples should take equal amount of vegetarian meals and non vegetarian meals. So that our body can get all the vitamins and proteins and some animal fat in this fast life.”

If your heart says to eat non-veg just go and eat don’t think for anybody else. If it says to eat veg have it. One thing I would like to tell you guys how many years we are going to live and when we be will going died is already pre-planned and completely written by Lord Brahma so it not meant that if you will eat non-veg means you will get lot of diseases and you will be died soon and if you take veg means YamaDharmaraja will going to give you some special offer on your life NO.

Even people those who are having veg they too have lot of health problem like High BP, diabetes,Iron Deficiency etc. Who said that they don’t have any diseases and problems? I already mentioned every human being those who born will going to get affected by something it’s not to relate anything with your food style.

Finally I would like to conclude this debut by giving the message like “In your life do your work seriously and sincerely for what you have born; it’s not a matter that what you’re eating veg or non-veg” the life is yours have it, own it and live it. Do whatever your heart will instruct you to do don’t adopt the things for some silly reasons and all. Nobody will be going to live forever.

Thank You!


    1. thanks sruthi for your comments but i don’t know how to read telugu its better if you post a link which is in English.
      It helps others also.

  1. prasad · · Reply

    Some people might think killing animals and having food is not good.bcoz of this reason some people might migrate to veg.but one thing they should also remember that plants also have life.wat i wanna say is follow wat nature says “To live u need to kill”. plants –>goat—>tiger

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