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Telerik Controls

I am wroking on Telerik controls from 1.6 yrs in my company so would like to say something on it. Telerik controls are third party vendor controls which are designed and created by Telerik organization. These controls are mainly designed on behalf of controls though we have a lot of controls in but […]

Query to get last modified procedures or table names in sql server

These are the some basic sql queries which helps during the development process. In order to get top 10 procedures names which are modified recently you can use SELECT top(10)OBJECT_NAME(object_id) as name,modify_date,type_desc,create_date FROM sys.objects WHERE type = ‘P’  Gives you last 10 modified procedure names SELECT top(10)OBJECT_NAME(object_id) as name,modify_date,type_desc,create_date FROM sys.objects WHERE type = ‘U’ […]


Introduction Reflection is used to get the information regarding assemblies,type of object,modules and classes at runtime. you can also create instances of type and assemblies at runtime,invoke methods of objects,get names of assemblies dynamically. it’s similar to Runtime type information in c++. System.Reflection namespace used for reflection which contains all required classes and interfaces for […]

Window Azure – A cloud Platform

Today the entire IT industry moving towards the Cloud Computing technology.Window Azure amongst the one which gain more name in field of cloud computing by providing its platform as service. The cloud computing mainly categories under three services SAAS : – Software as a service (Eg : Gtalk) PAAS : – Platform as a service […]

PHP Framework

Here we have top 20 framework for php using which we can build real-world application which are fast,secure and reailable. please follow url : Thank You!

Difference between ISNULL and COALESCE

ISNULL ISNULL  function returns null value with replacement value. Syntax : ISNULL(expression_value,replacement_value) It will take only 2 parameters or arguments.First it will check the expression value if its null then it will return replacement value. Eg : Declare @value varchar(10) Set @value = 10 Select ISNULL(@value,’n/a’) as Demo In the above scenario the output is […]

Getting all the table names from Database

I was creating some POC on migrating the data from Sql Server to MongoDB that time i faced this problem how to get all table names from a particular database in sql server 2008 and i came up with this query SELECT TABLE_NAME FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TABLES WHERE TABLE_TYPE = ‘BASE TABLE’ After executing this query you […]

How to increase the performance of Stored Procedure

To increase the performance of stored procedure we need follow certain steps Ref: 1. Include SET NOCOUNT ON statement CREATE PROC dbo.ProcName AS SET NOCOUNT ON; –Procedure code here SELECT column1 FROM dbo.TblTable1 — Reset SET NOCOUNT to OFF SET NOCOUNT OFF; GO 2. Use schema name with object name SELECT * FROM dbo.MyTable — […]

Compression of ViewState

View State is a client side state management.The View state will maintain all controls data on your application with respect to subsequent postback made to server by your application.As per as you have a limited amount of controls on your page vewstate is not a problem but when you have more server controls on your […]

Why we can’t create object for static class?

When i was attending my first interview in my current company this question was asked by my technical manager to me.I answered like others because the class has static keyword so we can’t create object for the class. Again he asked but why we can’t create object to the class declared as static.Then later i […]